Banyak is an independent production company based in the South West, UK (Devon/Dorset).

Since 2007 we've made high profile cinematic documentaries and tv-series with a focus on creative collaborations with international directors, writers, producers and brands.

Banyak was founded by Anson and Hugh Hartford after a film trip to Sumatra in search of a bipedal Ape that some said was ‘the missing link’ while others said was a fantasy.  They didnt find it. But in documenting the trip discovered a passion for stories that turn the camera on how we see the world. 

Over 150 films later we continue to tell the stories that shift the focus and do so today with a team of hand-picked talent from around the world.

We work all over the world - both remotely and in person. We welcome new ideas and first-time filmmakers.

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As creatives we also offer media strategy consulting to help clients maximize their impact and reach.  We handle almost every aspect of production from ideation to post production and have an extensive network of collaborators across the planet from Directors and cinematographers to line producers, translators and digital strategists.

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